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Marriage Counseling in Harrisburg

Strengthen and enrich your marriage

As a Marriage and Family Therapist working in Harrisburg for more than three decades, I have been able to help thousands of Harrisburg area families navigate challenging issues with grace and learn to succeed together by valuing the contributions of each individual.

No two couples are the same

Each individual is unique, and brings unique needs, expectations and gifts to a marriage.

But we all need to learn to love others and to be loved in return. The good news is that love is not simply a feeling, but a skill that can be learned and practiced, and couples who learn love as a skill can encounter one another in healthier, more intelligent ways.

We all need to learn to love, and to be loved in return.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Harrisburg, I am passionate about seeing couples and marriages succeed.   

Your marriage is the most important relationship of your life.  However, all too easily, the fire can fade. 

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Pennsylvania. I accept all major insurance, and hold advanced continuing education certifications in marriage and family counseling.

At the heart of my work is a desire to see couples and families experience healthy, fulfilling relationships.  

Every marriage is unique. Each partner brings their own quirks and personality, their own traditions, daily challenges and expectations. In some cases, a rigid set of expectations can develop, with well-defined roles expressed either implicitly or explicitly for each partner.

Increasingly, our families come in different shapes and sizes, from young couples learning to raise their first child and still find time for each other, to mixed families where both Mom and Dad bring children from a previous relationship. 

But one thing every one us has in common is the need to love, and to be loved in return. 

Thankfully, love is so much more than a feeling, but a skill that can be learned and practiced. 

Your marriage is worth it

I provide solution-focused therapy, working to identify what is really happening in family relationships, and moving towards clear solutions that work for both parties.

It's important to avoid seeing one person in the family as the “problem” to be “fixed”, but rather to engage both spouses in providing an environment in which all members can thrive.

Sometimes a husband or wife can go unnoticed, with needs for affirmation, acceptance, and even just to be heard, going unmet. 

In these situations, bitterness and resentment can grow.  Learning to communicate with one another through both positive and negative feelings in a constructive way isn't easy.  In fact, it can be hard work!  But your marriage is worth it. 

Are addictive or compulsive behaviors hurting your marriage?

Break the cycle together

It is a mistake to see behavioral disorders or addictions as existing in a vacuum. In fact, personality, mood and behavioral disorders are strongly affected by the environment of the family, and often treating an individual alone fails to address the whole problem.

By focusing on the marriage as a whole in couples counseling, we can discover the particular dynamics each member brings to the family, rather than focusing on just one member as the problem to be fixed.

Together we can chart a course of practical and cognitive behavioral therapy methods that help marriages and families of all types to succeed, no matter their size or stage of life.

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