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My Counseling Philosophy

My Approach is Solution Focused

Merle uses brief, solution-focused therapy, which means that after just 6-8 sessions, people can often clearly see what's been happening in their relationships, and have a good sense of what to do about it.

This type of therapy is frequently referred to as "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy." It aims to identify what's holding us back from living a balanced, fulfilled and successful life, and then to take action to address it.

What most of us need more than anything is to learn to build, maintain, and invest in the relationships and activities that give our lives lasting meaning.

The Art of Loving

Love is not simply a feeling, but it is a skill that can be learned and practiced. Practicing the art of loving enables us to interact with everyone we encounter in healthier and more intelligent ways.

We can learn this "art" from researched-based methods discovered from the human sciences, and also by putting into practice our most important spiritual values.

Each human person is unique and has infinite value. Because of this, we can deal successfully with every crisis when our relationships are based on mutual respect and love.

This attitude can improve relationships with everyone, from spouses and children to co-workers and neighbors. Mutual love and respect can become the norm, and then difficulties become a catalyst for improving individual and relational health.

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